Land – Opuscule

Land – Opuscule (2002)

I’ve been saving this one for a special occasion.  This is perhaps, one of the darkest, most diabolical albums I possess in my arsenal of particularly macabre music.  I came across it randomly, I’m not sure how, and know practically nothing about it other than it’s French.  I feel like it’s some Necronomicon that I found in the basement of the abandoned house I wasn’t supposed to be exploring.  And when we heard the glass break upstairs, and scrambled out the window, I was wrenched by the irresistible urge to throw it in my bag.  And now my whole family’s dead, and I have to trudge through the dusty ass catacombs of some ancient cathedral in desperation, trying to find the torch that’s been burning since the Middle Ages -the only flame that can destroy it.  I limit my listenings to events, such as 1) Halloween, 2) writing an essay on Satan (I’ve written at least 9 essays on Satan), 3) drunk bicycling at night in all black, or 4) stalking prey.


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